The 5 loneliest zodiac signs-Are you one of them?

The 5 loneliest zodiac signs-Are you one of them?

Nov 30 , 2022

Did you know, that some zodiac signs might be lonelier than the others? We have listed the 5 loneliest zodiac signs ranked for comparisons. But don’t worry, it’s not all lost! These zodiac signs might appreciate down time more than others, or just simply harder to tie down for a relationship-especially if lonely is something they are looking for.

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1.Sagittarius-Sorry not sorry, they love being lonely

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Let’s clarify what is happening here, shall we? Sagittarius people love freedom. Their favorite thing in the world is being free from anything they think will tie them to a place, person or situation. That doesn’t mean, they don’t love being with others, on the contrary-They love being around others and attention!

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But being in a serious relationship? They will be the first one to bolt out of the situation! For this reason, being lonely means something completely different for them, then it may mean to others. Their so-called loneliness is filled with quality time spent with friends, and family.


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They made it on the list of the 5 loneliest zodiac signs, because many would qualify their need for freedom as lonely. However, you should know: The moment they decide to be with a partner, they take their commitment seriously. 

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2. Capricorn-It’s not the commitment, it’s you

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Capricorns are incredibly hard to please, hence they made second place on the list of the 5 loneliest zodiac signs. They are smart goal-getters, who rarely make any mistakes (they think), and they expect the same from their partners.


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They love being in a relationship, but as we mentioned, it’s hard to please them, therefore you have to be an exceptional human being to qualify for the role of becoming their partner. For this reason, they feel lonely at times, because while they are super critical of others,

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3. Scorpio-Hiding their emotions can make them lonely

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Scorpios are wonderful people. But I am not going to lie. I find beauty in every sign, and in case anyone thinks one is better than the other, it’s not true. It’s always a matter of perspective and certain needs by certain people.




Which is alone time for Scorpios, when life hits them hard. They notoriously keep to themselves, which makes it really hard for others to connect with them and also for them to connect with others, because they want to remain untouched by the events happening to them and around them.


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Scorpios are deeply caring people and they wish for meaningful connections with others, but as long as they keep everything hidden inside, they make it hard on themselves and others as well.

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4. Virgo-Criticising others will only get them so far

Virgo signs, just like Capricorns love criticising others…However, they are also very critical of themselves, since their standards are really high and this can cause loneliness in their lives. Virgos enjoy to be in a relationship and to have someone accompany them, but being critical can make them a tough partner to have.


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While they are critical, we must say, that they always hold their partners in high-regard and love spoiling the person they choose to be with.

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5. Taurus-Too real to be true

Taurus are lovely. They are social, they are fun to be with and they enjoy a relationship. But they are also brutally honest and most people can’t handle honesty, especially if it comes in a bull form.

This is why they ended up on the list of the 5 loneliest zodiac signs, even though they are lovely people, but let’s face it: if a Taurus hits a Cancer with their raw opinion, they will probably hurt the other person deeply.


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Regardless of their raw presentation of feelings, they are incredible people to be with, and you should never miss out on the chance of getting to know someone better!

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