5 zodiac signs that will end up alone in 2023-Should you start packing those tissues?

5 zodiac signs that will end up alone in 2023-Should you start packing those tissues?

Nov 01 , 2022

Isn’t it too dramatic to talk about the 5 zodiac signs that will end up alone in 2023? Maybe a little bit, but! I believe we should all know what may or may not happen to some of us in 2023. Is everything written in stone? No. Is it something to actually think about? Of course!


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Let’s have a look at which zodiac signs have made this list and what their fate might be!

Drumroll please, the winners of this selection are…BELOW!

1. Capricorn - Being seriously involved with someone is just too much drama

5 zodiac signs that will end up alone in 2023_1

Capricorn men and Capricorn women are known to over-analyze situations and being in a relationship isn’t any different. They would love to have a loving and caring partner, but who is good enough to live up to their high standards?

While their standards may be super high, it’s because they bring a lot to the table. Capricorns are smart, caring and extremely focused - both on their work and their private life. These qualities can make them incredibly appealing, while they can also make them really hard to be with.


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Would you have thought that Capricorns will most likely be alone in 2023, due to their high standards?

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2. Scorpio - You know it and I know it

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They are incredibly caring and they love deeply, but…There is a reason why they make the cut into every single article, where we talk about having a hard time being in a relationship with them.

Scorpios are not easy to be with. They keep everything to themselves and they will not tell you what’s wrong until it’s been two years since the breakup.


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They are really tough to be with, as they are emotional and at the same time incredibly private, which makes them a tough person to accept and it also gives the ma high chance of staying single throughout 2023.

Maybe sometimes they should open up a little more? What do you think?

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3. Virgo - a zodiac sign, that will most likely end up alone in 2023. Really?

5 zodiac signs that will end up alone in 2023_4

Virgos can be amazing. If you want everything organized and you are looking forward to having a micromanager and mental terrorist on your team. Why aren’t they No.1?


Because they hide it so well, that they might end up being in a relationship, only to destroy it a few months in.


You don’t believe me? Then take a look at who’s the most toxic sign of the zodiac!


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However, let’s not bury them here. They are incredible friends, first of all, second of all: some of us need people to help manage our lives better and that’s when it’s beautiful to have a Virgo as your companion since they will always know how to help you!

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4. Leo - Mirror mirror on the wall, did I ever love at all?

Loving yourself is amazing, and probably the most amazing thing, if you are a Leo, but…Isn’t it too much? Shouldn’t you love someone else too?

Leos are incredible people to be around because they are fun-loving, they are outgoing and they are always down for a new, crazy adventure, but!

They also love it, when people brag about them and show, how much they love them, which basically means: no room for someone else. And when you are in a relationship, you want your partner to adore and admire you as well, not just him or herself, right?


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That’s why they made the list of the 5 zodiac signs, which will end up alone in 2023. Because they can be too self-absorbed sometimes.

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5. Sagittarius - Is there such a thing, as too much freedom?

If you would ask them, they would say: NO, of course not! But, to be honest…There is! And as a Sagittarius myself, I can confirm that we love doing whatever we want, whenever we want, without interruption or comment about it. We don’t want to hear why or why not and especially why you have an issue with it, which can make Sagittarius terribly hard to be with!

Most of us are super extroverted, which can be too much for some, but trust us in one thing: Once we commit, we make changes. It’s the hardest thing to get a Sagittarius to commit, but the moment you manage, you’ve got the most loyal person next to you, most likely for life.

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But Sagittarius people being independent and free-willed is what made them one of the 5 zodiac signs that will end up alone in 2023, because there is no relationship without commitment!

Learn more about the Sagittarius sign here!

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In conclusion, each zodiac sign has its unique set of strengths and weaknesses, and some signs can come across as more intimidating than others. Scorpios, Capricorns, Aries, Leos, and Sagittarius signs are some of the most intimidating signs due to their intense nature, ambitious drive, fiery temper, commanding presence, and blunt honesty. 

However, it's important to remember that astrology is just one way to understand personality traits and behavior, and everyone is different regardless of their zodiac sign.

All in all, it's important to remember that these zodiac signs should not be judged solely based on their associated traits. Each person is unique and should be treated as one. We have our zodiac signs to give us basic information, but it is not a life guide and not the one thing that defines a unique individual.

The best part of life and people is that we are all unique on our own, and our memories, genes, and actions are what make us who we are on top of our zodiac signs.

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We hope you enjoyed these articles and don’t forget: these things aren’t written in stone, these articles are to entertain and positively push you, based on the general traits of each zodiac sign. It's important to remember that astrology is just one tool for understanding ourselves and others, and it should not be used as a definitive guide for our lives.

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