Top 5 books read by the most romantic zodiac signs

Top 5 books read by the most romantic zodiac signs

Feb 14 , 2023

Do you consider yourself a romantic zodiac sign? Do you like romantic movies or romantic books? We have a feeling you do, otherwise, you would have not come to this page to find out about the 15 books read by the 5 most romantic zodiac signs!

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As today is Valentine’s Day, you might say: okay, you are late. But if we think about reality: We love romantic books. We love romance. We love relationships. And we also have 5 of the most romantic zodiac signs, who have their possible favorite romantic reads on our list!

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Now let’s keep it real before we dive in: All of us can (and maybe should) read these books. We all need some softness, romance, and a possible happy ending in our lives, as life can be harsh and cruel sometimes. We need something to lift us up and maybe drag us down to the deepest emotional drama, so we can forget what is really going on in the world.


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But don’t worry: We got you! We promise you, this article will not disappoint you, and you will leave with the excitement of knowing: You have at least 5 new books to read in the upcoming weeks. So who is ready to dive in?

The article that inspired it all:

The 5 most romantic zodiac signs

We had to mention our previously published article, as that is the one, that inspired us all, and now we are ready to share our list with you. Let’s get started!

1. Libra-Stability holds the most romantic zodiac sign in disguise

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We mentioned this before, but we simply cannot get enough of how great it is to have a Libra friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner in our lives. They are kind, caring, romantic, and always know how to respond or react in certain situations. Sometimes it feels like you have The Oracle from The Matrix with you since they are so knowledgeable.

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Topping that, they are romantic and they love engaging in some romance. Now let’s see what they enjoy reading, as our balanced, and relaxed romantics!

Pamela Anderson - Love, Pamela


A true beauty, who has been through Heaven and Hell, which you can easily see already from her documentary on Netflix, called Pamela, A Love Story.

A book, that shows sometimes life can get much more complicated than we anticipate it to be, but no matter how complicated life can get, one thing is for sure: Love should always have a place in our hearts, and we should always be open and willing to love someone and to even forgive them for their shortcomings.

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2. Cancer-The sweetest and one of the most romantic zodiac signs

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Cancers LOVE a true love story with a twist. While they seem sweet, gentle, and caring (which they are), they are also lovers of the unknown and exciting, which makes them the perfect candidates for anything, written by Colleen Hoover.

Now, we know, It Ends with Us is basically an ICON at this point, therefore we must mention it, however, we have decided to bring you an equally (if not more exciting) love story with a twist.

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Our choice for the Cancer sign would be Colleen Hoover-Verity. Romance, Love, True crime, and mystery all in one book, where the writer will keep you nervous the whole time, while you are reading it. What happened exactly? Was it a suicide mission or a possible murder? Will there be a first kiss? A riveting story, which one can only finish too quickly because it is impossible to stop reading!

Colleen Hoover - Verity

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Colleen Hoover - It Ends with Us


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3. Aquarius - Kind, caring, and the absolute dreamer

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The Aquarius sign may be the one, that loves romantic novels the most. An artistic soul, who is always ready to take a deep dive into the unknown, whether it is a new friendship, romantic relationship, a new project, or in our case: a new book.

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One, which is not afraid to read controversial stories, and still finds them uplifting without a doubt. For her, we chose the incredible book, Circe by Madeline Miller. One, which is about love, family, doubt, pain, and the highest of the highest with the lowest of the lows.

An exciting book, that will keep you up at night and keep you reading.

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4. Pisces - The kindest between the most romantic zodiac signs

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Pisces women and men are equally kind and romantic. They are also lovers of books and enjoy some downtime, reading their favorite romantic novels, crime stories, or educational books.

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They love classics, but today we are staying in our recent years, as this article is not about the classics - don’t worry though. We will have one about that as well, since many classic books are truly under-appreciated, and they need to be shown, purchased, and read by us, book lovers!

Back to the topic though. The selected book for the Pisces sign is Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score.


A funny, and romantic read, where we can guarantee you will cry, laugh, feel empathy, and get excited and nervous at the same time. This one is for the books (pun intended).

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5. Gemini - The funkiest sign of them all

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As they are funky, we also left our cheeky choice last, since we know our cheeky zodiac sign, Gemini would be one to read it. They love the tea, gossip, romance, drama, and everything in between, therefore we believe you may already know where we are going with this one!

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Yes, you were right, the Gemini sign will 100% will run to get Spare, Prince Harry’s book. But will they Spare us from their review of it?

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