14 Telltale Signs When a Man Wants to Break Up with a Woman

14 Telltale Signs When a Man Wants to Break Up with a Woman

Jun 15 , 2023

Do you think he wants to break up with you? Are you unsure, whether your relationship has just hit a rocky road or it is running down a hill and there is no turning back? Sometimes we may feel like life is going to end when a relationship does, but it is far from reality.

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Sometimes our life is just about to get started when something ends, but whether we are ready to move on to the next chapter of our lives (or even want to), we need to look at what may be the signs of your romantic partner thinking about breaking up with you.

Sometimes men give very subtle signs that show their interest has peaked and is going down. At times it may mean you can still fix your relationship, but other times it might mean you are heading toward the inevitable end of your era together.

But whether it is the former or the latter, we can look at the signs that usually men give that initiate they are planning on breaking up with you. We will give you some thoughts on how you can maybe solve these things-if you want to-or move forward if that is what you prefer to do moving forward.

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Relationships can be complex, and sometimes it can be challenging to decipher the thoughts and emotions of our partners. When a relationship takes a rocky turn, it's essential to recognize the signs that may indicate that your partner wants to break up. 

While these signs may not be foolproof, they can provide valuable insights into your partner's feelings. Throughout this article, we will explore 14 telltale signs that may indicate a man's desire to end a relationship and look for possible solutions or exits.

Decreased Communication:

 14 signs he wants to break up with you 2

One of the most evident signs is a significant decline in communication. If your partner becomes less interested in engaging in meaningful conversations or stops initiating contact altogether, it could be a red flag.

How to solve it?

You may need to look into the topics he stopped talking about or if he had decreased communication with you as a whole. If he stopped talking about certain topics, you may need to think about what could have caused it. Maybe you pushed it too much? Maybe he is done talking about it?

If he stopped talking to you in general, then it is giving you a tougher problem to solve, which you need to really think about to see how you wish to go about it. You may need to face a serious conversation with him.

How to get out?

If you also feel withdrawn and don’t have the desire to patch things up or to find a way, where you can have similar understandings of your priorities, then it might be worth sitting down and having a chat about how to separate in a peaceful manner. Sometimes even if we really want it, we can’t save a relationship.

Emotional Distance:

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A man who wants to break up may gradually create emotional distance. He might seem less interested in your thoughts, feelings, or day-to-day activities, and may appear disengaged or disconnected during your interactions.

How to solve it?

This is a tough one, as feeling the distance between you and your partner can be excruciating, especially if you don’t want to have distance between the two of you. You may need to sit down and think about what may have caused him to distance himself from you, and do some self-reflection to understand how you can solve the situation without making it worse.

How to get out?

Sometimes even if we want to, we just can’t change the situation, as things that happened in the past changed everything in the relationship, and there may not be a way to go back. It can be quite sad when that is the case, but what one person can do is try and let go if there is no way around solving it in the most intelligent way possible. Don’t forget: Once you both loved each other.

Frequent Arguments:

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When a man is contemplating a breakup, he may become more irritable and prone to arguments. He might pick fights over trivial matters as a way to create distance and justify his decision to end the relationship.

How to solve it?

This is more of a personality trait, since some men-women too- have a tendency of picking fights. If this is something, that has not been a regular part of your relationship, which we definitely hope it was not, then it is definitely something worth looking into and seeking an honest conversation about with your partner. Maybe he is simply frustrated and does not know how to get to you.

How to get out?

If it has been a frequent part of your relationship, and now you feel like you have no intention of solving it or looking for a solution, where you may be able to mend things with your partner, then definitely head towards getting out as smoothly as possible. Maybe the frustration is caused by the fact that he also feels like it is something, that is beyond repair, but simply does not know how to communicate it properly.

Lack of Future Planning:

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If your partner suddenly starts avoiding discussions about future plans, such as vacations, milestones, or long-term commitments, it could indicate that he no longer envisions a future with you.

How to solve it?

This may sound a little vague, but we all know how the conversation goes when we ask: Do you think we should…Move in together, Go on x vacation together, Plan for someone’s wedding together, and then they respond: We will talk about it when we get there. It can be really frustrating.

At the same time, it can give a clear indication of what the intentions might be . The question is: Are you ready to have a conversation that may not go in your favor or not?

How to get out?

This situation is usually a one-way street since if the other person is already seeking distance and does not plan with us, there is not much to mend back together. If this is how you feel, and you had clear communications about it, maybe the best thing to do is to just move on to something, that will make both of you happy. Even if it means not staying together.

Loss of Intimacy:

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Physical intimacy often reflects the emotional connection between partners. A noticeable decline in sexual desire, a lack of affection, or reduced physical contact may signal that your man is emotionally pulling away.

How to solve it?

Has it been a recent change? Is it possible, that it is because life just got really busy for him or the both of you, and you simply did not have the time to be intimate together? Sometimes we tend to think the worst, while the reality can be far from it, and we are afraid to say how we feel, so what do we do?

We imagine scenarios. Loss of intimacy does not always mean the end of a relationship. It can mean that you are in a season of life, where it is not that dominant, which can be for various reasons. Being open about your needs, and having a conversation, where you can tell the other person what you have been thinking and feeling is the best way to go about it.

Most of the time it is something else than what you think it is.

How to get out?

If this situation is a non-negotiable for someone, then there is not really much to say. If you had an active intimate lifestyle previously, and your expectation is that it will stay the same forever, then you may be in the wrong. Nothing stays the same. But is it worth turning away or not?

Secretive Behavior:

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A man contemplating a breakup may exhibit secretive behavior, such as guarding his phone, changing passwords, or being unusually protective of his personal space. This behavior suggests a desire to create distance and a possible lack of trust.

How to solve it?

This is a tough one. No one wants to see the other person suddenly withdraw from them and start guarding all of their belongings. That shows that something is not okay. There are many ways to go about it, some of them sneaky, some of them not.

The best thing to do is to confront them about it, but only in a way you know a conversation can go on in your relationship. If he does not like to be put on the spot, then don’t jump on him. He will never tell you what is going on. Try to have a conversation with questions, where you can have a relaxed manner about it.

How to get out?

If the reason for hiding is something we wish we did not know about, or something that for sure will end our relationship, then just let it. Some things are not meant to be saved, but you are definitely worthy of having the best life possible.

Decreased Quality Time:

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When a man wants to end a relationship, he may gradually reduce the amount of quality time spent together. He might prioritize other commitments or activities, leaving you feeling neglected and unimportant.

How to solve it?

It may not necessarily means, he wants to end things with you, but could mean a lot of frustration. If you have been constantly doing something you agreed on stopping, for example, it is quite a realistic response, that he withdraws his attention and turns it towards activities, that bring joy in his life.

If you know what it is, act on it, if not - act by having a conversation about it. Don’t be afraid of pointing out that you have noticed something has changed. Just make sure you do it in a respectful manner.

How to get out?

Just like intimacy, this is not necessarily something, that means the relationship is going to end. We all need our time alone. If you have been spending a significant amount of time together, it is quite possible he simply just needed a breather. Ask first, before you are trying to get out.

Loss of Interest:

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If your partner shows a diminishing interest in your hobbies, passions, or life events, it may indicate that he no longer sees a future together. He may no longer invest the effort to understand and support your dreams and aspirations.

How to solve it?

Let’s keep this one short and sweet. It is like quality time. Imagine it like this, as an example: We all love Apple Pies. When we eat slices of apple pie, we are happy. But when we only eat apple pies we feel overwhelmed. Nobody wants to eat apple pies only.

We want the steak, the vegetable, the bread, and everything in between. It does not mean he had enough forever. It means he may just need a break.

How to get out?

Have a conversation, assess your situation, and try to understand your situation before you are trying to get out of anything. 

Seeking Attention Elsewhere:

 14 signs he wants to break up with you 10

A man contemplating a breakup may seek attention and validation from other sources. He might become more active on social media, start spending time with new friends, or engage in activities that don't involve you. This behavior can be a sign of emotional detachment.

How to solve it?

Is there a chance you may have hurt him recently? Is there a chance he just changed his gym, workplace, or gathering areas? If so, it means meeting new people, having new experiences, and experiencing new situations in life.

If anything, this could be great, since he can have many new impulses, which he can later share with you. The problem is if later on he does not want to spend time with you, in which case: Follow up on what is happening in your relationship.

How to get out?

It is not the end of the world, not to spend every waking hour together, especially if he has new situations in his life. Just wait it out and see where it goes, and if you can’t deal with it: Let’s try and figure it out together.

Avoidance of Serious Conversations:

If your partner consistently avoids discussions about the state of your relationship or dismisses your concerns without addressing them, it suggests a lack of commitment and a potential desire to end things.

How to solve it?

Now this could be troublesome, because how would you get to the bottom of things, if he does not want to take ownership of his actions, nor does he want to have a conversation about where things are going between the two of you? You should find a way to have a conversation with him, and also a way to have an agreement on how to move forward as a couple.

How to get out?

Did he stop talking to you recently, or has it been an issue throughout the relationship? Your next steps should be based on what you have experienced throughout, and carefully executed since you want to make sure you are not doing anything hasty, and you respect everyone in the relationship.

Changes in Appearance or Lifestyle:

Significant changes in appearance or lifestyle, such as a sudden interest in personal grooming, new clothing choices, or adopting different hobbies, may indicate a desire to explore a new phase of life without you.

How to solve it?

This may not be the end of it, but definitely worth following up on and seeing what makes the change. If he had any lifestyle changes recently, such as a new workplace, it might make sense. Did he lack the motivation to work out, but suddenly want to take care of himself?

The better! The best if you can do it together!

How to get out?

This one is not necessarily a sign of neglect or the desire to leave. It can be, but it can also mean he wishes to present himself better, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Maybe let’s not run to the woods before you make sure you know what’s going on.

Indifference or Apathy:

A man considering a breakup may exhibit indifference or apathy towards the relationship. He might become unresponsive to your emotional needs or display a lack of interest in resolving conflicts.

How to solve it?

If it is a recent change, it can feel concerning, however, it may not mean it is over, but more so that you hurt him. Is it possible you had a fight or fights, where you may have acted in a way that pushed him? Maybe something, that has built up over time?

You need to get to the bottom of it before you act, so you will understand what is going on.

How to get out?

If this has been happening for a while, and you had no chance of resolving the issue, then you may need to think of alternatives on what you can do, or how you can make your separation as smooth as possible. Sometimes regardless of how much we try, we just can’t save the relationship.

Increased Criticism:

When a man wants to break up, he might resort to criticizing or nitpicking your behavior. This behavior may be a subconscious attempt to justify his decision or to create distance between you.

How to solve it?

Quite frankly, criticism given on purpose is a really bad sign, regardless of when it happens. Neither you nor your partner should get tot the point, where you need to criticize the other person. It is anything but helpful, it is actually quite hurtful toward the other person.

It makes up for a hostile environment, where the other person does not feel supported or confident. You should definitely find a way to solve this issue if it is possible.

How to get out?

If there is no way of solving it, then simply just try to part ways with each other in a respectful way. Moving on might do well for you if the unwanted criticism has caused you to stress.

Trust Issues:

If your partner starts expressing doubts or questioning your trustworthiness without a valid reason, it might be a sign that he wants to end the relationship. These trust issues can be a reflection of his own emotional detachment.

How to solve it?

This can mean, that you may have done something that set him off. This does not necessarily mean that he has one foot out the door already, but these are concerns, that should be addressed as soon as possible. Try to reason with him and find out what may cause his distrust in you.

You may not even be aware of something that had caused the effect, and it is much better to talk about it before it becomes a real issue.

How to get out?

If this has been going on for a while, then you may need to think about finding a way out, since it is not great for anyone to be in a relationship, where you don’t feel like you can trust or rely on each other. But make sure you have a clear conversation and it is something you both feel like you can’t solve.

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